Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay, don't hate me...I went back to Hawaii! JT and I spent five days in Oahu and it was wonderful! Thanks to Aunt E and Nana and Grandaddy for helping out with the kids! It gave us a chance to have some time together...haven't had that since our honeymoon 15 years ago! It was awesome! While we were there, we were able to have JT's prints redone so now we just wait for the approval and our Consulate Appointment and we are off to get our L-K! While we were in Hawaii there were so many Asian families and it really set it on me. We are going to bring our precious angel home very soon! I will keep everybody posted when we know our dates for travel! Love and aloha! *bt*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We have our TA!

Just got the call from our agency that we have recieved our Travel Approval! That was the final thing we needed to travel. However, because we still don't know the status on JT's fingerprints they cannot make our Consulate Appointment or make any travel arrangements. Please say a prayer for us that we can get these fingerprints found! JT will not be able to update them again until the end of the month if they cannot locate them and that will cause our trip to pick up LK to be pushed out atleast another 4-6 weeks...maybe longer.

TA! It is finally here! Yay!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still waiting...

Well yesterday was a month since we recieved our LOA. Our Travel Approval should come within approximately 30 days so I am getting excited...and anxious to hear something. It is amazing to think that we will probably be traveling in about a month to go get our LK. All the waiting, praying, hoping and preparing and we are almost there...that is if they find JT's fingerprints. We have been notified that they don't know exactly what happened to them when we had them redone three weeks ago. So, I am hoping for the absolute best! They will magically show up and off we will go...Pray they find them!

We all made it back safely from Hawaii. Needless to say, it was a very eventful trip. Three with a stomach virus and a two year old on a ten hour flight-wow! Fun though! Just got me ready to make the big trip to China!

It is unfortunate but we have not had any more updates on LK since our LOA. I hear it is not that uncommon for folks to get updates and such but we haven't been so fortunate. I sure wish we knew more about her. I don't even know for sure what size she wears. I guess we will know soon enough. My sister in law gave us a small tricycle so now we have two. Bella knows that it is for Lili...she still points to her bed and says that it's LK's. It is as real to her as it can be for a two year old. It's really sweet! Maybe we will hear something real soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're home

Well, we made it home after a 16 hour journey from Hawaii. We left there around 6 pm yesterday and arrived in our driveway at 11 am today! Needless to say, I am exhausted, as are the kids! I thought flying all night would be the best route but um...not so sure! No one really slept! Except BG...for about 3.5 hours. We got home, crawled in the bed and I slept so hard that I woke myself up gasping for air. I guess I was too tired to breathe!

Hawaii was beautiful and very eventful! We are glad to be home and back to some normalcy. Saw today that TA's are coming for those with our LOA dates! Bad a call and they have somehow misplaced JT's renewed fingerprints...the ones we drove all the way to Birmingham to get. Not sure what happened there and we are waiting to hear-what now! Can't travel without those. I am dreading that reallllyyyyy longgggg flight to China after this realllly lonogggg flight to Hawaii but I am so anxious and excited about getting to our LK and seeing her and BG together! It is getting so close! Several of the family are having dreams about her!

I will be keeping you posted...*bt*