Friday, May 8, 2009


We made it Guangzhou last night and arrived at the White Swan Hotel around 8 p.m. The hotel is amazing and we now feel like we are among the know us westerners! We spoiled! :) Any-o-hoo...LK screamed through most of the flight here but she did great last night. She laughed and played and NO FEVER! This morning we had her medical check and she has been very lethargic again today. She has been sleeping for the last several hours. I cannot wait to get her home and let our pediatrician check her out. She is so small. This afternoon we will meet with our guide for more paperwork and then tomorrow is our free day to shop. I am very excited about that because things here are very reasonable. LK only has like 3 outfits that really fit her so I have been alternating them with a pair of PJ's until I could get out and buy her some things here. Guangzhou is definitely more westernized and that helps tremendously. I just had my first cup of starbucks! So yummy! The coffee here in the hotel is so much stronger than what I can stand. I am soooo glad to see a STARBUCKS! On a funny note, I can't remember if I posted this already but the girls have had some "first" potty experiences while in China. We had been told that LK could tell us when she needed to go so we sat her on the western potty (her first time on a western potty) and at first she started whining and then I gave her the "word" she needed to hear and she did her thing. Ever since then if we take her she will go. Pretty cool because she is so little, it doesn't seem like she should be doing that! The chinese use squatty potties and so Bella had her first experience with that and although she did exactly what she was supposed to, it ended up on Momma's shoes. This trip has already been so memorable. I would have never just taken a trip to China but because of adoption we were able to see how the chinese live. We miss you all and can't wait to get back so you can meet sweet LK! Don't be fooled by that sweet smile though, she is still a two year old! :) She can be a bit fiesty! We will post later with some pics. We still don't have the adapter for the camera to download them. Love and hugs to you guys!


  1. Lol! So funny. Now we get to here bella AND lili kate stories :D I was soooo relieved to read your post yesterday!(my phone wouldn't let me post :/.... I'm glad that ya'll r having a good time (and I'm glad u got your coffee :D) lots of love! -christie <3

  2. Guangzhou is heavenly. Have fun shopping. Buy, buy, buy. I love the potty stories. I know you must be anxious to get Lili-Kate checked out by your physician. I can totally relate in every way possible. Josie's heart surgery was only 3 weeks after we returned home from China. But, once her heart was corrected, she started putting on the pounds and thriving. Please know that I'm here for you. I hope your return flight home is easier. She sounds like our Josie. Josie screamed the entire flight from Nanchang to Guangzhou and the our return flight home. I don't want to suggest this will happen again, but we learned that the pressure of the flight on her unrepaired heart made her very uncomfortable. It wasn't easy, but all those bad travel memories melt away after you get home. Extra hugs! Enjoy that Starbuck's coffee!!

  3. Praise the Lord you're there!!! This will be a good week for ya! LOVE the potty story!! It is DEFINITELY an adventure with the potties over there, huh?!?! I can't wait for you to get Lili Kate to the doctor either. I know she will feel MUCH better once you know what's going on!!!

    We are continuing to keep you in our prayers!!! Love you guys! Thanks for your faithfulness in posting!!

  4. I'm so happy that LK is doing so much better. Your family is beautiful. Enjoy Guangzhou and enjoy your shopping too. Lucey and I loved watching the video and all the giggles.