Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well today was our third day home. I have to admit it has been quite an adjustment. We are all very jetlagged! Wow! I didn't know you could be that tired! LK now has a much harder time sleeping and fights bedtime or naptime terribly regardless of the fact that she is exhausted and needs to rest. Today was a little better. She actually napped two and a half hours without waking and crying. I do see some improvement.

We introduced her to our dog, Angel and at first she didn't like her. But today LK was feeding Angel popcorn and they are getting along great. The kids are really wonderful with LK. Anna who is nine has just fell in love. JJ and Haley have just opened their hearts wide to her. BG is awesome too and God has really given her alot of grace in the addition of LK. It is hard for a two year old to grasp another child joining a family but she has done it so well. Not to say there are not times of battle because there are but we have been amazed at how well BG has done.

LK loves to eat and we have introduced a wide range of different foods. She loves it all! I have not seen her reject one thing we have tried to give her...except some oatmeal...I think it reminds her of congee. She is a great eater! Hopefully she will start gaining some weight now. She is still so small! We have dug into boxes of BG's old clothes and found some 12 month pj's that she is wearing. They are even big on her!

Overall, I think we are doing well. We are working through our sleep issue which I know is an issue with most all adopted or foster children. I know we will get through it! LK is doing well physically too. I will take her to the doctor this week and see what we can find out about her heart. Thanks for all your prayers! Love, Bobbie


  1. Jet lag is torture. I'm glad things are going well with eating and adapting to your home. I'll be anxious to hear how her doctor appt goes. Hugs!!

  2. I am so glad that you are home safe and sound. She is such a little cutie. We are on hold because of the swine flu. Hopefully we will travel soon.

  3. what precious pictures!!!! I promise the jet lag thing will get easier!! It is SO HARD at first!! We are continuing to pray. I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited!!! Love ya!