Friday, May 8, 2009

Much better!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday after I posted LK woke up with a 104.6 fever! Naturally, I panicked! I called our friend Doug that works at New Day in Beijing and his nurse and he were so helpful with anwering some of our questions. Thank you guys so much! We started LK on tylenol and motrin every three hours and by last night her fever had broken. We were elated. This is the first time since we got LK that she has been basically fever free. So far today the highest it has been was 99! Yay! Thanks for your prayers. She is much better today!

Last night we went to dinner with our new friends that just adopted their two year old. That was fun! We walked the streets of Nanning on our last night here and it was a very pleasant evening.
We got home last night and LK laughed and played. Come bedtime though she started the grieving process that we had heard about. She cried and cried and sometimes in her sleep. I did my best to comfort her and let her know it would be okay but it was still heartwrenching.
She woke up this morning and so far she has felt pretty good. Did I mention she has quite the temper? She is a good girl though. Just needs a little work on understanding she can't have everything she wants all the time. :) We will get there. Today we visited the largest park in Nanning. It was really nice and we had a great time. I am posting pics and video from last night and today. We will be flying to Guangzhou at 5:45 and will arrive there around 6:45. I will update more later. Thanks again to all of you that have prayed for us and LK. She is much better today!


  1. Praise God that she's finally broken her fever. I'm so happy for you all. Our family has become addicted to your pictures and updates. Continued blessings.

  2. Praise God for Doug Bush!!! I'm SO grateful they were able to help you guys!!! Lili-Kate just looks adorable!!! She looks like she is LOVIN' that sucker!!! ;) I am just thrilled things are getting better for you guys. Too...once you get to's like a little vacation!!! By the way...are you guys staying at the White Swan? If so...the island it is on is amazing!!! There is a Starbucks not too far from your hotel. We walked there about twice a day to get the cold frappuchinos. They were HEAVENLY in that muggy heat!!! Also...if you get time to get out...SHOP!!! There are Shops EVERYWHERE here! LOTS of great deals too!!! I pray Lili stays well so you guys can enjoy this time in Guangzhou!!! Bless you guys! Thanks for the updates. We're continuing to pray for you!!
    Love you guys,