Monday, May 11, 2009

Monkeys and moments...

All this time I have been posting and I don't think I have told you what LK's name is....atleast has been while she has been in China. When we got her we were told that her nickname is "CiCi" pronounced "Chi Chi". So from the beginning that is what we have called her and so far she recognizes us calling her by that or Lili-Kate. The language barrier has been a challenge. She tries hard to communicate with us and us with her and so far we have done okay. Today we went to the zoo and while BG was fascinated LK was uninterested (unless it involved riding in the trolley). When we got back to the hotel we went to the playroom and it was a sight I will never forget. BG ran in and started playing with all the toys. It was only LK and BG in there and LK just stood and looked. She didn't really know what to do. After she watched BG for a minute she joined in. But she didn't know how to work most of the toys. I think it was the first time she had seen any toys like those. Just typical toys we are used to seeing maybe in a church nursery or something but she was just standing there looking...uncertain. Once she started figuring it all out she was having a blast. Sweet!

LK is feeling much better! We are facing some challenges with her bahavior. She has quite the temper for a little two year and we are beginning to work through some of that. But when she is sweet...she is oh so sweet!

Well we head out for Hong Kong tomorrow and I cannot get home soon enough. Although the trip has been wonderful, I am sooooo homesick! I am ready to get BG back on her schedule and LK introduced to her new home and family! See you soon!


  1. She is an angel! Look forward to meeting her in person. We will be praying for save travels on your way home! Love you guys, Wyndi

  2. she is so sweet. I can see her spunk too lol. i ant think of better parents to teack her meekness and not break her spirit. you guys will do great. I have so enjoyed ur blog, but i'm ready for you to get home too! love!!

  3. What a little sweetheart. Both girls are precious. That feisty spirit will serve her well if she needs open-heart surgery. Josie was the exact same way and her drive and spirit ended up getting her out of the hospital much more quickly than we first thought. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it (hee hee).

    Safe travels home. Please feel free to contact me once you've had a chance to meet with your doctors. We've been through it all with our adoption.

    Extra hugs!!

  4. Praise God for that play room at the White Swan. We used it SEVERAL TIMES while we were there. It's sort of sad to know that LK didn't know how to play with all those toys. Sadie was a little like that. She had NO CLUE how to slide down a slide. But changed once she got home!!!

    The behavior thing will be a challenge...but it will all fall into place once you get home. We had some big issues with Sadie as well. It's much better now!!!

    When do you guys get home? When does your flight come in, in Nashville? We pray your flight home is good!! Bobbie...we are thrilled for you guys and cannot wait for you to get home...see your doctor and just have that piece of mind to know all that is going on with LK's little health!!
    Love you guys!!!

  5. i have so enjoyed your blogs and pictues but i too am ready for you to get home!! love you much!!

    oh sean was looking w/ me and he said "BELLA!" then pointed at lk & said "bella's brother?" i said "no girls are sisters" and he said "oooh that's bella's sister!" so sweet!